Watch: GOT7 Sparks Curiosity In Mnet’s New Variety Show Teaser

Mnet released a teaser for their new variety show, “Not the Same Person You Used to Know,” featuring GOT7 as the main guests for the first episode, which is set to broadcast sometime in mid-December. The program is a quiz show where people closely related to the guests (such as friends, significant others, managers, parents, siblings, and more) watch a VCR on the guests’ daily lives and guess what their next actions will be.
In the teaser video, GOT7 members BamBam, Jinyoung, and JB enter their waiting room talking about how hungry they are. Suddenly, Bam Bam discovers a 50,000 won bill (approximately $44.74) on the ground. BamBam is then shown smiling mysteriously and looking around the waiting room.
The teaser asks the question of “What will BamBam do next?” Will he “pick up the bill and put it in his pocket secretly,” “keep stepping on the bill so no one sees it,” “ignore it after looking at it,” or “pick it up and divide it evenly among the members”?
The show is gaining interest as viewers try to guess what BamBam’s will do next. Stay tuned to find out whether people will properly guess BamBam’s next action.
Until then, watch the teaser below!

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