Young Master of Shaolin

Young Master of Shaolin

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Complete

Released: 1999

Genre: Costume drama, martial arts, comedy

Plot: In the beginning, Fong Sai yuk was a troublemaker in Guangzhou, constantly fighting. His mother, Miao Cuihua, helps him in clearing him of his troubles when he is confronted by his father Fang De. Fang De is harsh and gives punishments, however Fong sai yuk works with his mother on ways to get them out of trouble. After many instances, Fang De decided to have a tutor school him. One of Fong sai yuk adversaries decided to play a trick on him. They stole Hong Xiguan's money and made it seem that Fang Shiyu stole the bag. Hong Xiguan believed that Fong sai yuk was the thief and fought him in public. After more violence, Fang De decides to send his son to Hangzhou so that Fong sai yuk could be schooled.