Forbidden Love / Passion Prohibida

Forbidden Love / Passion Prohibida

Country: United States of America

Status: Complete

Released: 2013

Genre: Romantic drama / telenovela

Plot: The day Bianca Santillana decided to take revenge against her mother for all the suffering she caused when she killed Bianca’s father, the young woman never imagined that this would cause the worst nightmare of her life. With the best of intentions Bianca decides to marry Ariel Piamonte, a distinguished millionaire who her mother considers a way of maintaining her status in society. Bianca’s plan was going well; her mother would not get the Piamonte’s millions, and Bianca would live a quiet life away from her. But, as one’s fate cannot be controlled, life surprises Bianca when she discovers true love, a kind of love that is irresistible. Thus Bianca's perfect plan is threatened, caught between the loyalty she owes her good husband and giving in to the passion she feels for Bruno, Ariel’s nephew.