Park Min Young Preps Up For Quirky Role In New tvN Rom-Com

After bringing to life Kim Mi So in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Park Min Young is up to portray an interesting role that will delight her fans next year.


Based on web novel, 그녀의 사생활 (Noona Fan Dot Com) by Kim Sung Yeon, Park takes the role of a closet fan girl whose regular job is a museum curator.


Park Min Young


Cute right? Not to mention, all fan girls can easily relate because most idol group stans have a normal career life that changes endearingly once they switch to their private lives.


Her Private Life (working title) threads on the adventure of Sung Deok Mi, to be portrayed by Park, as she nurtures her idol fan girl spirit for 20 years. While hiding her passionate idol following, she works as an art museum curator, a 180-degree spin to her vibrant life as a fan.


Recently securing rom-com goddess popularity, Park Min Young aims to push the momentum with this new series as tvN currently works on its formation in the first half of 2019.