Park Bo Gum Positively Considers Joining Gong Yoo In Upcoming Movie

Park’s management, Blossom Entertainment, has confirmed that they received the offer and is currently reviewing it positively.

Park Bo Gum

Seo Bok will be about a former intelligence officer, which will be played by Gong Yoo. It takes the story of the first human clone named “Seo Bok” who possesses the secret to eternal life. The said character will hopefully be played by Park. Director Lee Yong Joo, whose claim to fame is film Architecture 101, will direct the movie.

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Photo from Naver

Gong Yoo agreed to star in the movie in August 2018. Since 2017, Director Lee Yong Ju has been actively trying to get Park to co-star.  Park received the offer, but he declined it back then. Director Lee has made several revisions to the movie, which is now reportedly completely different from the first script that was offered to Park.

If Park decides to accept the offer, it will be his awaited return to the big screen since his last movie Coin Locker Girl. Park is currently doing a series of fan meetings around Asia. His drama, Encounter, recently ended successfully.

Gong Yoo is taking a hiatus since his massive hit drama Goblin.

Seo Bok eyes big screen launch in 2019 and will hopefully star both Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum.