Jessica Talks about Her Busy Schedule as a Solo Artist


Jessica talked about her career in 2018.


She sat down for an interview at her current agency, Coridel Entertainment. Even though Jessica had not been so active as a singer in 2018, she was indeed so busy completing all of her schedules. She said, "I really lived in the plane. It feels like I have the same schedules as stewardesses. I was busy but I am happy about it." Not to mention, Jessica was busy with her works mostly outside the country. 



Jessica also talked about the year-end holiday she got in December. She said, "I was less busy during the end of the year and I had a trip. But, of course, I still worked for my Christmas release and the commercial I was responsible for." 



She commented on the fact that she could not be so active as a singer, saying, "I didn't release solo albums but I met my fans through the tour. I am planning to focus more on my new albums. I will take times and produce songs."



Jessica also added, "I actually don't want to be on my own. However, there was only me who want to try the new thing. I tend to find my own way and get used to my surroundings. I am not afraid about that. I have so many people who have helped me and fans who always support me." She continued, "I am the type of person who is not afraid of new things. Well, for the first time, I was a bit nervous. I am a determined person and always think that I cannot stop at one exact place (not improving).