'Item' - 'Haechi' is the opponent, Joo Ji Hoon still thanks and supports Jung Il Woo's Drama


At the beginning, Joo Ji Hoon thanked Jung Il Woo for supporting Item. After that, his story made people laugh: "I am very close to Kim Nam Gil, so I will support The Fiery Priest, a TV project that was broadcasted the same week but in different hours."


Mặc cho Item  Haechi là đối thủ, Joo Ji Hoon vẫn cảm ơn và ủng hộ phim của Jung Il Woo

Joo Ji Hoon


Jung Il Woo tại họp báo “Haechi” chiều nay.

Jung II Woo


Joo Ji Hoon continued: “In the past, because of the competition between three public TV stations and cable channels, it felt like we were enemies. But when the world changes, people can support and support each other. I think it's fun for viewers when the movies are created by different TV stations. There may be programs that are competitors, but I think it's a great encouragement to support. I also support ‘Haechi '. I hope we all do well now. It will become a wonderful world. ”