Encounter's Director Exclaimed for the Filming to Be Done Again


'Park Bo Gum' was driving through. 


In a recently released making film of the current hot drama, tvN's 'Encounter,' both Park Bogum and Song Hyekyo were seen filming in a warm atmosphere along with the other casts in the drama too. Especially for this making film, viewers are able to see the behind the scenes of an adorable drunk Park Bogum.


In the same making clip, Song Hyekyo was walking towards the passenger seat while Park Bogum took the wheel when she was surprised at the calling from the director that went, "Cannot! Cannot! Cannot! Again! Again! Again!"



She was looking around when she saw what made the director scream. At this very moment, a truck with Park Bo Gum's commercial on it was passing right in front of their shoot, totally captured in the frame. 



The director exclaimed that "Park Bogum just went passed!" and Song Hyekyo laughed before Park Bogum followed suit as he exits the car.