My Healing Love

My Healing Love
Movie: My Healing Love
Other name: My Love, My Cure
Country: Korean
Released: 2018
Status: Ongoing
Genres: Family; Romance;
This drama tells the story of the rise and eventual success of a woman comes from an underprivileged background. Im Chi Woo (So Yoo Jin) is an unfortunate woman. She is a national superwoman who never wanted to be a kind daughter, daughter-in-law or a wife, but was unwillingly sacrificed by her family. She is married to immature Park Wan Seung (Yoon Jong Hoon) and she works several part-time jobs to support her family. Under her difficult situation, she keeps smiling and maintaining her positive attitude. Meanwhile, Choi Jin Yoo (Yun Jung Hoon) is a divorcee and he has a daughter. He works hard and tries live positively for his daughter.
  • So Yoo Jin

    So Yoo Jin

  • Yoon Jong Hoon

    Yoon Jong Hoon

  • Yun Jung Hoon

    Yun Jung Hoon

  • Hwang Young Hee

    Hwang Young Hee

  • Lee Do Gyeom

    Lee Do Gyeom

  • Kwon So Hyun

    Kwon So Hyun

  • Shorry


  • Ban Hyo Jung (1942)

    Ban Hyo Jung (1942)

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