Buang (Loop) 2012

Buang (Loop) 2012

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2012

Genre: Romance, Horror, Modern/Period

Plot: In the past life, Ma Cheun is a prestigious prim and proper woman and Khun Laung is respectful gentleman. He soon comes to ask for her hand in marriage. However, E’Pang, a servant at Ma Cheun’s house, has a one-sided love for Khun Luang. E'Pang puts a love spell on Khun Luang. He starts to go see E’Pang and changes. Eventually the love between Khun Laung and Ma Chuen perseveres over E’Pang’s spell. When Khun Luang comes out of his spell and is near death, he promises to meet Ma Chuen in every lifetime. E’Pang is heartbroken at his death and vows that no matter where Khun Luang is reborn, she will follow him. In the present life, Khun Luang is Samon and Ma Cheun is Rampa/Pa. They’re a loving couple with twins. The family return to Thailand to live in Samon’s ancestral house. The family starts to witness haunting and everyone is scared of the house. Between Rampa being label crazy, ghost E’Pang makes Duangram lures Samon into cheating. He changes into a different person again, and Rampa