Kyonai. 2

Kyonai. 2

Country: Japan

Status: Complete

Released: 2016

Genre: Comedy.

Plot: That first winter, the first in charge of the public maiden High School teacher of music Yu, Akihiko, and after school the colleague teacher of the fifth month of Yayoi with 2 people drinking it. The way back, sitting in cigarette Smoking by high school students and many girls(birch, Aya). Then in front of the good popularity as well, music is Aya to note that this music I was interested in the thread, but the next day the maiden high school, change schools. Aya is selfish to the big music stars who"have insisted on and enjoy the apartment"graduation term"cohabitation. From this, music, Aya, and then a substantial triangular relationship, centered on performing high school, Prefectural girl's High School and University music in the main stage, performing school from incidents or disturbances, while drawing the story.