Kon La Kop Fah

Kon La Kop Fah

Country: Thailand

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2016

Genre: Romance Drama

Plot: Great Warintorn takes on the role of Chinpat who is the owner of a major rubber plantation in Surat Thani and is disliked by the town due to a rape allegation. His deceased friend named Sirikanya apparently killed herself and left a suicide note that Chinpat had been responsible for raping her and causing her to get pregnant. The note mentions that she couldn’t face society after that and opted to kill herself. However, there was no proof but the town is convinced he’s a dangerous man, thus he is stuck with the stigma. Chippy plays Chanika who’s a Thai student in the states and she’s a bit of a social butterfly who likes party scenes. Her friend (frenemy) Sansanee detests the fact that Chanika is popular and Sansanee also crushes on Chanika’s boyfriend. However she gets called back to Thailand because her dad went into intensive care, which was caused by bankruptcy – even their home will get seized. Chanika has no choice but to ask her boyfriend if he could help pay off the debt, but