Knock knock loving you

Knock knock loving you

Country: Taiwan

Status: Complete

Released: 2009

Genre: Romance

Plot: Cheng Zhi Ang a mousy looking girl that has admired Cheng Xue Ge who is a talented violins since their university days. But her chance to know him is stolen by another due to her act of kindness. This action causes to realize deceit of the human nature and not to easily trust others so easily. Cheng Xue Ge is a talented violinist who has lived comfortably all his life, because of his father's wealth he is able to do what he wants which is to play the violin. That carefree life comes to an end when his father's business goes bankrupt. He soon gives up on being a violinist to take over his father's failing business and encounters the backstabbing and ruthlessness of the business world. To learn how to survive in the business world he ask for Zhi Ang help in teaching him how to be ruthless, but later finds out her cold demeanor is a wall she had built to protect herself. But she is persuade by Zhao Guan Xi who wants her for her business talent before he can realize if he loves her.