Fah Pieng Din

Fah Pieng Din

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2001

Genre: Period Drama/Action

Plot: Aom is a daughter of a wealthy family. Her dad owns a big house and has lots of money, but the story starts off with them living in another small house in the country side. Captain's mom is the sister of Aom's dad and both families are so close. Both of the families are at the small house and plan to go to the big house. Captain's family wants to go first to prepare the house for Aom's family, which only includes her dad and herself. When Aom and her dad are on their way to the big house, these assigned bad guys try to kill them. They are helped by the mayor of the town, but with no luck, Aom's dad dies. Before he died, he burned Aom with a symbol stamp to represent that she is his daughter so family members will know. Aom's dad was burned inside a cabin and when news got out to Captain's family, they thought that both of them died. This led to them saying that Captain is Aom's dad's son although he isn't, so that he would get the inheritence. Captain himself doesn't know about anythi