Jao Chai Hua Jai Gern Roy

Jao Chai Hua Jai Gern Roy

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2002

Genre: Drama/Comedy/Action

Plot: Wakim is a prince and his parents want him to marry a nice princess. Wakim thinks that he should marry for love and not for titles. His parents however bring over a couple of princesses to show him including one from China (Jamie Buher) and Korea (Nadia Nimitwanit). Wakim isn't interested in either of them but shows some interest when he meets Sonia Couling, a princess from a neighboring country. She is pretty, but when he starts talking to her he realizes that she doesn't have a mind of her own and does only what others tell her to. Wakim decides that he needs to go out and find his own princess, and him and his servant Ah Thu (Tik Shiro) sneak out of the palace and go to Thailand. Ah Thu is used to the good life and wants to spend a lot of money, but Wakim, used to having everything done for him, wants to live the less splendid life.