At the Dolphin Bay

At the Dolphin Bay

Country: Taiwan

Status: Complete

Released: 2003

Genre: Romance, Drama

Plot: Legend has it a dolphin once helped to reunite a pair of tragic lovers. From then on, the well-adored animal became the guardian of love. At Dolphin Bay, a tale of love and myth continues. Two children Zerya and Xiao Pin Gai met at an orphanage. Seeing the latter was often bullied by the other kids, Zerya rose to the occasion to become her gallant protector. Alas, the young couple parted ways when the director of a big company Hsu Ruogu arrived to bring his ‘grandson’ home. Zerya promised to come back for Xiao Pin Gai but as he was returning a few days later, Xiao Pin Gai was already leaving the orphanage with her new adoptive mother. He returns again 20 years later to fulfill his promise, but his childhood friend is nowhere to be found. At Dolphin Bay, Zerya meets a young woman Tianbian. Her strong and optimistic character draws him to her, and Tianbian is touched by all that Zerya does for her. Tianbian actually is Xiao Pin Gai, Zerya's good friend back at the orphanage. Just l