Forrest Cat (????)

Forrest Cat (????)

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Complete

Released: 1997

Genre: Drama

Plot: Fat Cat ( Zhengze Shi ornaments) the surname Li, before the unborn father died, a child due to severe fever and become moderately mentally retarded persons despise Li family relatives, the mother Liang Shuzhen ( Bao-ching ornaments) taken to Cheung Chau to settle alone brought him up adult. To avoid fat cat without a father because of low self-esteem, cat mom lied to his father seamen, long sea " sell duck eggs " earned dollars . Cats have a mom sister Liang good month, there is a son, that fat cat cousin, often bullied fat cat, fat cat with a mother cat and later moved out of urban living, social workers Kang Chunming ( Elena Kong with the assistance of ornaments), the fat cat in sheltered workshop work. Fat cat later met with mild intellectual disabilities who Lishao Fang ( Bao Pei such as ornaments), the development of a section of pure love (