Darna (2009)

Darna (2009)

Country: Phillipines

Status: Complete

Released: 2009

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction

Plot: Darna tells the story of Narda (Marian Rivera), an attractive young woman who grows up in an orphanage and lives a happy, quiet and simple life until she becomes the heiress of a stone that gives her super powers. Narda eventually meets her childhood sweetheart Eduardo (Mark Anthony Fernandez) at the same orphanage. Hopes of nurturing romantic relationship between the two went kaput after Narda's friend, Valentina, fell for Eduardo. Narda then learns that she is the anointed one chosen to save the world from evil forces. Nursing a broken heart, Narda declines because she believes that a simple and crippled woman like her cannot take such a huge responsibility. The four Villains are revealed to be encased in hail-blocks, but Dr.Morgan Quickly acquires them, another scientist behind stated that Leech Woman is the most powerful creature among the four, based on the Military files, later the four managed to escape. The Town was devastated by the arrival of the Villains: Hawk Wo