Precious Hearts Romances: Impostor

Precious Hearts Romances: Impostor

Country: Phillipines

Status: Complete

Released: 2010

Genre: Drama, Revenge

Plot: The story revolves around a young province woman named Devin. Devin believes that she was given an unusual face that no man would ever want. She envies women such as Mariz who is unhappily married to Anthony, who is her crush. Little does Devin know that Popoy, her childhood friend, has feelings for her. One day, both Devin and Marizlolll are involved in the same car accident. Mariz dies while Devin is able to live. Devin was given a choice to be able to live by a plastic surgeon named Monique Benitez, but in the face of Mariz. Devin agreed and was implanted with Mariz's face. Devin is now confused on how to live her new life after leaving Popoy and her poor life behind and starting a new life with a new beautiful face with the man of her dreams.