Dad for Rent

Dad for Rent

Country: Korea Sout

Status: Complete

Released: 2014

Genre: Comedy, Family, Drama

Plot: The story starts with A-young Chae, who came up with a business idea to rent out her own father. On the day of her school garage sale, A-young presents her father Taeman Chae, claiming that he is her useful item which is not in use, and JT, who craves for a father figure in his life, takes the offer and rents Taeman. Since then, A-young’s puts an advertisement on a website and Taeman’s father-rental-business expands making it official. However, out of shame, Taeman carries on his business without letting his wife, Jisu, know about it. Taeman plays an excellent father figure for others who pay for the service, while neglecting his real family due to his busy schedule. Meanwhile, Jisu suspects Taeman’s double life and figures he is having an affair with JT’s mother, thus making their marriage fall apart. Realizing the crisis upon her family, A-young pays all her savings to rent her own father, Taeman. Taeman and Jisu realize they have not paid enough attention to their daughter and recl