Lazy Hazy Crazy

Lazy Hazy Crazy

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Complete

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama

Plot: As the school year comes to an end, three friends in their late teens, bookish and virginal Tracy (Kwok Yik-sum), worldly part-time prostitute Chloe (Mak Tsz-yi) and Malaysian transplant and fellow prostitute Alice (Fish Liew), spend the summer rooming together. Tracy has a falling out with her strict grandmother, Alice is on her own after her father’s abandonment and Chloe just wants the freedom. Alice is technically the third wheel, befriended by the two childhood friends after a bullying incident at school. However, it’s Tracy who winds up the outsider when Alice and Chloe, due to their shared “compensated dating” activities quickly form a tight bond. Into these roiling emotional waters come Andrew (Tse Sit-chun), the school’s resident jock and object of desire for all three girls, and Raymond (Gregory Wong), a hostess bar patron with a heart of gold who shows Tracy the sexual ropes (Summer Lovers, but in Hong Kong’s outlying Lam Tsuen area). Tracy’s misguided hope is that her newfo