Ode to Gallantry 2002 / Xia Ke Xing

Ode to Gallantry 2002 / Xia Ke Xing

Country: China

Status: Complete

Released: 2002

Genre: Wuxia

Plot: The plot revolves around a case of mistaken identity between a pair of identical twins. In the afterword, Jin Yong acknowledges that the story resembles some of the works of William Shakespeare (cf. Twelfth Night and The Comedy of Errors).[2] The protagonist, who refers to himself as "Gouzazhong" (???; lit. "mongrel dog", a colloquialism for "bastard"), first appears as a young beggar roaming the streets of Kaifeng in search of his lost mother. He witnesses a fight between several jianghu figures[3] and meets the Shi couple and members of the Snowy Mountain Sect (???). An accident causes him to be taken away by Xie Yanke, an eccentric martial artist, to his secluded home on Motian Cliff. Xie Yanke, who is frequently bothered by Gouzazhong, decides to teach him martial arts. Gouzazhong learns qi cultivation techniques under Xie Yanke's tutelage for six years, but is unaware that Xie actually harbours ill intentions and has been teaching him the wrong met