Mia Tuean

Mia Tuean

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2015

Genre: Romance Drama Action

Plot: Koy and Film kinda have a crush but Film misunderstood Koy. Unfortunately, Koy's dad is ill, with usual stepmom owing debt to Film, she sent Koy as worker to pay off debt. And slap/kiss stuff continues. Koy didn't have an easy upbringing: When her mother passed away her father got remarried to a woman who brought an older stepsister into the family. A few years passed and Koy’s father ha to go into the hospital because he got paralyzed and wasn't able to comprehend anything that is going on around him. No living alone with her stepsister and stepmother Koy has to work very hard to pay for her father's hospital fees and to give money to her stepmom and stepsister to spend. The first time she met Film is when she was working at a car show as a host, he fell in love with her at first sight and he also helped her fight off a purse snatcher. When he offered to drop her off at the hospital to visit her father she agreed but then Film got a phone call and she didn't want to be a burden to h