Recode of Superstar's Love

Recode of Superstar's Love

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2011

Genre: Drama/Comedy/romance

Plot: Trin (the film), the hero of the Super Star that a good record of everything. Not only is there the least one newspaper to Anonymous (Department of National) manager is always a headache. Trin But then there is no reason that he never had and never thought to tell anyone. It is to claim the attention of the public though (Trin economic fortune), who was his father who married a daughter nectar. The Trin is not satisfied that took another woman to replace her mother , newspaper Daily gauze zip nickname for him is his rumored post. He does not care which for Trin. Anonymous said, but it causes damage to the Super Star. And it comes with consequences. We must find a way to fix it with her ??friends that I Pibul to separate the history of book sales Trin. And it took me a portion to each child. Pibul contact Trevi Spa (glass) that works as a freelance writer Rewriter to imprint the interview. The Newbie Club was denied because she was not interested in the entertainment industry. The propo