????????? So Sanaeha (Love Chain)

????????? So Sanaeha (Love Chain)

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2003

Genre: Drama Romance

Plot: San (Rames's brother) decides to have Pralee as a model for their family company and she does. Pralee (Aum) and Rames (Oil) are kinda grouchy towards each other because Pralee had met Rames and his girlfriend at the mall and his girlfriend had wanted to buy the shirt that Aum got, so there was a little problem between them. Rames’ mom decides that she wants a grandchild, so she has Suakoon (Rames's sister) write out an ad looking for someone. She decides that Rames will get a girl pregnant, just to have the baby, and then have nothing to do with that girl again, so they will grant this woman 5 million dollars. Rames doesn’t like this at all, but he does it for his mom because his mom will get him to feel guilty or something. It was a party for their mom, so San dropped by the house, with Pralee. Somehow Pralee’s mom knows Rames’s mom, but his mom dislikes her mom. Pralee saw her mom there with her boyfriend, so she just had to make a scene. Pralee's mom provoke her to apply the ad. R