mali dancing

mali dancing

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2014

Genre: drama,romance,musical

Plot: a family drama about a young girl and young people whom has followed their dream to becomes a superstar. To get inside the entertainment industry. Nu Malee is a country gal with a heart of a lion. All her life she wanted to be a superstar, a famous singer. She dreams of stardom.Malee is country girl whom is still in high school. When her school is on break Malee decided to go into town (city) to looking for her estranged father who never came back to visit her, but they keep in touch with letters.Malee is living with her grandparent, her grandma is deaf, and her grandpa whom suffers from memory loss.The day that Malee comes to the big city she meets with Arthi and Thong Thra by accident. Arthi is a cop who mistakens Malee for a kid who sells drugs.Malee try to runing from Arthi. Thong Thra, Arthi friend helps catch Malee.