Pin Anong/ A Woman's Hairpin

Pin Anong/ A Woman's Hairpin

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2012

Genre: Romantic / Drama / Action / Comedy

Plot: Pin Anong (Min Pechaya) is the daughter of Ounreuan (Noon Sinita), the housemaid of Khun Nai Kongsook (Kaew Apiradee) at the Phaisaan's Farm and Resort. Ounreuan was an orphan who became grateful of Khun Nai's family for raising her and providing her with a shelter and education. Ounreuan taught her daughter to be grateful of Khun Nai also because Khun Nai supported Pin's education until she received her bachelor degree. At the farm Khun Nai was known as the evil witch who mistreated Ounreuan and Pin Anong and exploited the workers at the farm by refusing to pay them wages. The farm was headed toward a new direction with the arrival of Khun Yai Charlit (Weir Sukollawat), the rightful owner and only son of Khun Phaisaan. Khun Yai was drove off the farm at a young age after having a misunderstanding with his dad. He also escaped the accusation that he has committed an atrocious crime by killing Khun Nai Kongsook's ex-husband, Par who was known as just a worker at the farm. Khun Yai neve