Oh Ja Ryong is Coming

Oh Ja Ryong is Coming

Country: Korea Sout

Status: Complete

Released: 2012

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Makjang, Romance

Plot: This is a drama centered on the differences of two son-in-laws and the problems thereby generated within a family. The wealthy Na family have two daughters, who marries two very different men. The older daughter Jin Joo marries the greedy and cold-hearted Yong Suk, while the younger daughter Gong Joo marries the good-hearted Ja Ryong. Yong Suk marries his wife because of her family’s fortune while Ja Ryong honestly loves his wife. The story follows Ja Ryong's attempt to save his wife’s family from ruin while the scheming older brother-in-law tries to take it away.