Kosoku Sentai Turboranger

Kosoku Sentai Turboranger

Country: Japan

Status: Ongoing

Released: 1990

Genre: Toku

Plot: Twenty thousand years ago, the Fairy race assisted humans in a battle against the B?ma Tribes and sealed them away. Due to modern day pollution and man's destruction of nature, the power of Fairy magic has weakened, allowing the seal to be broken and the Tribes escape. With the help of Dr. Dazai, Seelon, the last of the fairies, summoned five high school seniors. As children, they were showered with the "flames of spirit" of the fallen fairies in a forest, and can now hear Seelon's voice. Donning powered suits, the product of a collaboration between Seelon's magic and Dr. Dazai's science, the five become the Turborangers, juggling days of fighting with their regular school lives, in order to defeat the B?ma Tribes.