(Suparb Burut Satan

(Suparb Burut Satan

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2008

Genre: Drama/Comedy/Action/slap&kiss

Plot: Off Chanapol Satya as Parun/San (?????/?????) Pinky Sawika Chaiyadech as Latin/Lilly (?????/??????) Tle Tawan Jarujinda as Kongpob (??????) Som Tunsinee Promsut as Parndao (??????) Wunchai Paowibul as Rarm (???) Namgnern Boonnak as Mala (???????) Tae Nuntasai Pisolyabut as Wutikorn (??????) Sammie Buntitha Cowell as Deunmesa (?????????) Pairot Sunwaribut as Wunchai (??????) Surasak Chotetinnawat as Dejpong (???????) Chalie Kannasoot as Chartchai (???????) Ware Sou as Mutitha (??????) Bunjerdsri Yamapai as Rabiab (???????) Siriya Nareunart(???????) Parin Wikrarn as Artid (???????) (guest appearance) Kotchakorn Nimakorn as Kanya(?????) (guest appearance) Tada Pohwihok as Seub(???) (guest appearance) Synopsis/Review "Love...relationship in the old days, how will it stay the same? Since he's no longer the same person she once knew, but just a satan in the disguise of a gentle man, who only hurt..and steps on her trembling heart".