(Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun

(Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2010

Genre: Drama/Romantic

Plot: Aum Atichart Chumnanon as Seua/Payak Tornton Taew Natapohn Tameeruks as Mook/Mook Pisoot Yao Donut Manasnan Panlertwongskul as Ploy/Ploy Pisoot Boy Chokchai Boonworametee as Yotit Tao Adisorn Athakrit as Saet Nutcha Areeruk as Yui Petch Krunnapol Teansuwan as Phet Pisoot Petchlada Tiampetch as Nok Ron Banjongsang as Narong Unlike your usual Thai lakorn where the pra'ek misunderstands nang'ek and reconcile with her at the end, "Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun" is a romance story about the true love that Seua (Aum) and Mook have for each other. Throughout the whole lakorn, both sides are very understanding and sweet to one another. However, because this is a drama, Seua and Mook go through a series of obstacles until they can live happily ever after. Payak a.k.a Seua is the only son of Min and a foreigner. Growing up, Seua never saw his father and his mother did not care for him. Seua was raised by his grandparents and Uncle Narong. When Seua's grandfather passed away, Min and