Aiming High

Aiming High

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Complete

Released: 2000

Genre: Drama

Plot: Chun (Nicholas Tse) comes back to Hong Kong to attend his sister's wedding which has is later canceled. Being a Judo fan, he wants to learn this sport from Ben (Yuen Wah) who declines such request because Ben thinks that he should be held responsible for ruining the wedding of Chun's sister. Ben sends his sister Jing (Nicola Cheung) to teach Chun instead. Chun pretends to have fallen in love with Jing to learn more Judo skills from her, without noticing his real love for her. Leung (Hawick Lau), Chun's good friend in the Judo class, defeats Chun on the sports field, but will he be able to do so in winning Jing's heart?