Keaw Lerm Korn (2005)

Keaw Lerm Korn (2005)

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2005

Genre: Romance

Plot: Aom plays two characters in this drama. she plays as twins who was separated at birth by a war. one of their mothers servants took one the of the twins (kaew) and raised her as her slave. kaew's "older sister" husband tried to seduce her while kaew's sister was out. she accidently pushed him into a nail where it pierced into his neck and died. she got scared and ran away and went to go live with someone shes calls family. all the mean while the other twin lived a good life with her dad in france but ran off to thailand to find her mom. the bad guys find out shes in thailand so they tried to capture her but somehow they always end up getting kaew and captain always comes to save her. one day while out in the free market, the twins finally meet eachother..... but will they ever find out they're sisters?? and why do the bad guys want to capture them so bad??