Freshie's High School

Freshie's High School

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2002

Genre: Comedy, School

Plot: Freshie's High School is a continue drama from its previous drama Wai Rai High School.In this new series is about the Wai Rai Gang (Ryu,Aon,Nathalie,Bow & Ong) in university and facing new challenges on their way such as teachers, seniors,friendships,loyalty and love.In this continue drama,the Wai Rai Gang has new member that is Jay,Big & Dan.But the group isnt stable,Big has a major crash on Aon but Aon and Ryu kind of like each other but neither one of them show and tell about their feelings,Jay likes Dan but Dan likes Nathalie but Nathalie has a crash on the university basketball coach and at the same time the coach has a crash on this teacher and Ong likes Nathalie and the Wai Rai Gang drama club's teacher has a crash on the same teacher that the coach is crashing on. If you think this new series will be very complicated,think again you're wrong, in this new series there will be more laughter,more crazy ideas and more hilarious. But it also has lots of sadness because of t