Wai Rai High School

Wai Rai High School

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2001

Genre: Comedy, school

Plot: Wai Rai High School is a cool,kinda sad,hilarious and comedy kind of drama which is suitable for everyone.Its a popular drama in Thailand which caught the hearts of its fans from Thailand and Malaysia.Its a drama which should not be miss.You should watch every episods and you will never find it boring.This drama consist of popular actor & actress from Thailand such as Ryu Arthit,Aon Lukkana & Nathalie Davis.THis drama take place in high school where a group of students always pranks their teacher and their class is well known as the worst class.The leader of the group is Aon who is a brave girl,one day a new student join their class Ryu who is always moody,alone and most of all hates the group of prankster. Aon and her classmates are so hard to handle until one day a new teacher is hire and sign to the class,Miss Yanee,is a tough,good,nice and enjoyable teacher.She taught the class until all her students success in high school.And at the same time Ryu and Aon who always fight