Inborn Pair

Inborn Pair

Country: Taiwan

Status: Complete

Released: 2011

Genre: Romantic, Comedy

Plot: Song Yi Jie (Annie Chen) is a paralegal who is studying to obtain her legal practitioner license. She is a righteous girl who cannot tolerate the weak being bullied. When she see an abusive husband at her law office refusing to divorce his suffering wife because he want to keep his good clean image, she volunteered her service by pretending to be an escort in order to obtain evidence against the husband's infidelity. Ke Wei Xiang (Chris Wang) is the General Manager and runs his family hotel corporation. He mistakes Yi Jie to be an improper woman when he meets her at his hotel. The two get off on the wrong foot when she thinks he is a womanizer while he thinks she is a home wrecker. Wei Xiang is actually an obedient son who will listen and do everything his parents and grandmother tells him to do. The two meet again when they find out they are betrothed to each other over a promise Wei Xiang's grandmother made to Yi Jie's grandfather years ago for saving her life from a robbery. N