All For Love

All For Love

Country: Korea Sout

Status: Complete

Released: 2005

Genre: Romance, Ensemble

Plot: A lovely week in the lives of these people. An elderly couple. The man (Joo Hyun) owns an old cinema and the lady (Oh Mi-Hee) owns a coffee shop in front of his cinema. A down on his luck salesman (Im Chang-Jung), who just married. The salesman hides the fact that he sells trinkets on the subway from his wife (Seo Young-Hee). A bill collector (Kim Su-Ro) who is fed up with his job. The man is then offered a spot on a local reality television show to relive his college basketball days and also fulfill the wish of a terminally ill girl (Kim You-Jung). A divorced father (Cheon Ho-Jin) works in the music industry. With only a son in his life, the music executive needs to find a maid. His ex-wife (Uhm Jung-Hwa) is a fiery spirited psychiatrist, who has perhaps met her match with a rough and tumble cop (Hwang Jung-Min). Finallly a famous male pop singer (Jung Kyoung-Ho) becomes stricken with a mysterious illness after his contract is cancelled by a music executive. He meets a