i love you so much

i love you so much

Country: Taiwan

Status: Complete

Released: 2012

Genre: romance,comedy

Plot: Xia Le Di (Li Jia Ying) was an arrogant, self-absorbed socialite. Soon after, her father's business went bankrupt and left her penniless. She believed that it happened because his competitor, JEALOUS, stole "Mona Lisa", a revolutionary makeup technology that her father's company developed. Therefore, she vowed to get it back. She went undercover at JEALOUS, the rival company, working as an assistant to Chang Yu Jie (Lan Cheng Long), the heartless operation manager and lead makeup artist. While she focused her investigation on him, her romantic interest wandered to his charming half-brother Chang Shao Feng (Nick Chou). Will she ever get "Mona Lisa" and her family's company back?