We Are A Bounty Hunter Team

We Are A Bounty Hunter Team

Country: Japan

Status: Complete

Released: 2014

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Martial Arts, Tokusatsu

Plot: Fourth installment of the Toei Hero Next series, featuring the cast of Kyoryuuger. The film is about a theatre troupe called Gekidan Bazooka, which is lead by Toshiaki Kanehara. He owns a vehicle that will play a big role during the climax of the movie. The members of the acting troupe are: Tatsuya Akai, an undercover officer and a tokusatsu geek. He is summoned by Toshiaki Kanehara to help him in his Theater Gekidan Bazooka. He is also known as the Actor of Possession. Ken Kuroda is in a love triangle with Tatsuya Akai and Shintaro Midori. Also known as the Actor of Delusion, he has a mind of a girl and is actually considered to be an actress rather than an actor in Gekidan Bazooka. Police Officer Aoki is a cop who fights evil and that includes the Deboth Legion. Also known as the Official of Excitement, he is appointed by Toshiaki Kanehara to search for a girl named Riko Ando. He later works with Tatsuya just to look for her. Shintaro Midori is an Academy Award winning actor. Al