Fiery Love Heated Game / Burning Love...Hot Game

Fiery Love Heated Game / Burning Love...Hot Game

Country: Thailand

Status: Complete

Released: 2016

Genre: revenge/drama/romance

Plot: Piraya (Sammy) is the oldest daughter of Peeradayt and Mattana. Her father works as a government official while her mother owns her own jewelry business. Panat (Thanwa) is the oldest son of Preemsuda who works as a secretary for Piraya's father. Piraya and Panat are lovers who decided to get married quietly in a plain and simple wedding in Spain. After their honeymoon, they both returned home to find that Pasin (Prach), Panat's younger brother, was staying with Pasika (Cat), Piraya's younger sister. The two had fallen in love with each other. However, Panat carries the burden of a deep, dark secret that he cannot reveal. He was so stressed by it that he decided to tell Pasin the truth. Pasin cannot love Pasika because Pasika is his half-sister. Their mother had secretly been the mistress of Piraya's father for a very long time. Therefore, Pasin is the illegitimate child of Preemsuda and Peeradayt. As for Panat, he is fathered by a different man. Nonetheless, their secret did not remain