Hidamari no kanajo - Girl In The Sunny Place

Hidamari no kanajo - Girl In The Sunny Place

Country: Japan

Status: Complete

Released: 2013

Genre: Romance / Fantasy

Plot: Kosuke and Mao were classmates in the Junior High School and they were also each other's "first love". However, their relationship was ended when Kosuke transferred to another school. Since then they never contacted each other again. 10 Years Later, Kosuke started working as a Salesman at a Railway Advertising Company. That's when the miracle reunion happened, when he met Mao at the presentation for the company that Mao's working for. Both of them fell in love again and decided to marry soon after that. Kosuke and Mao started a very happy married life. Everything seems to go well for them. Until the "Incident" happened. The next day after that "Incident", Mao disappeared. Things went wrong and became strange because everyone slowly started to lose their memories of Mao. Kosuke ran around, looking for Mao. Finally, he decided to go back to their memorable place just to find out the "Secret" that Mao was hiding from him.