Dear Nathan

Dear Nathan

Country: Indonesia

Status: Complete

Released: 2017

Genre: Romance, Teen

Plot: The movie is adapted from a popular novel with the same title. Salma (Amanda Rawles) is a transfer student at Garuda High School. One morning she was late for the flag ceremony and a student named Nathan (Jefri Nichol), known as a brawl-hooled pupil, saved her from punishment. Salma, who was determined to selectively choose friends, tried to stay away from Nathan, but Nathan just made a scene out of school by openly chasing Salma's love. The various ways Salma did to avoid, but the more she got away, the more she faced the opportunity for an opportunity to understand Nathan's past and slowly fall in love. When Nathan starts to open up and wants to change for Salma, Nathan's past lover, Seli, comes to ask for his love back.