Crossroads (Japanese Movie)

Crossroads (Japanese Movie)

Country: Japan

Status: Complete

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama

Plot: Tatsuru Sawada (Keiji) works as an assistant cameramen. He spends his days just wasting away. To change himself, he joins the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. At the training camp. he causes trouble. He opposes Kazunari Hamura (Dai Watanabe) and frequently breaks the rule at the camp. Tatsuru and Kazunari are then sent to the Philippines with Shiho Nomura (Tao). Even in the Philippines, Tatsuru and Kazunari do not get along as well. One day, Tatsuru goes to Baguio to take a picture. There, he meets a boy named Noel and his older sister Angela. He worries about the situation in the Philippines. He feels helpless and goes back to Japan. 8 years later, Tatsuru and Kazunari meet again in the T?hoku region where the great earthquake and tsunami occurred.