Critical eleven

Critical eleven

Country: Indonesia

Status: Complete

Released: 2017

Genre: Romance, Drama Marriage

Plot: The movie is adapted by novel with the popular novelist and has the same title. In the world of flight, known a term that is Critical Eleven, the most critical 11 minutes in the plane. It starts from 3 minutes after take off and 8 minutes before the landing - because statistically, 80% of plane crashes, generally occur within 11 minutes. In this story, Critical Eleven describes an important 11 minutes at the first meeting moment, where the first 3 minutes are critical because that is when the first impression begins to form, then there are 8 minutes before parting - the moment when the smile, seeing the behavior, and the facial expression of the person , A sign of whether it will be the beginning of a relationship or just the end of a meaningless encounter. Ale (Reza Rahadian) and Anya (Adinia Wirasti) first met on a Jakarta-Sydney flight. When the meeting occurred, the first 3 minutes Anya start enamored, the next 7 hours they sat next to each other and know each other through th