Better Halves

Better Halves

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Complete

Released: 2003

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Plot: Chuen Ka Fok (Steven Ma), Lien Bak Hap (Maggie Cheung Ho-yee) and Ling Wu Hei (Joyce Koi) are matchmakers in ancient China. Ka Fok and Bak Hap acting in a private capacity and Wu Hei in an official government capacity. In the course of their business Ka Fok and Bak Hap come into conflict, before deciding that they can maximize profits by working together. Despite finding matches for others Ka Fok and Bak Hap find it impossible to find a spouse for themselves, until they discover that their parents had already long ago arranged a betrothal between the two. Ling Wu Hei is a woman who has to pretend to be a male in order to fulfill her family's hereditary office of court match maker, this leads to difficulties when she falls in love with Ko Fei (Moses Chan) in a society intolerant of homosexuals.